Healing Through Injury – How is That Possible?

Healing Through Injury – How is That Possible? Not infrequently, a grateful patient will say to me, “Thank you, doctor, for saving my life!” Not wanting to accept glory for the work of God, I almost always respond the same way – “No, let’s give God the credit for that! But I’m glad to have […]

Why is Christmas So Hard?

The sights and sounds of Christmas are already appearing, even though it’s mid-October. The retailers seek to lengthen the bonanza of buying and giving, and so the nostalgic images and irresistible bargains start flooding in.  For many people, it’s a welcome time – one long merged fall-winter celebration. But for many who are experiencing suffering […]

“Why Did You Start HealingStream?”

I can answer that most effectively with a poignant story. One day I cared for a patient who arrived in the emergency room in full cardiac arrest. Minutes earlier he had been working on his cabin, enjoying some of the first days of his retirement. We could not save him, and when his wife arrived […]