“Mark, why did you start HealingStream?”

I can answer that most effectively with a poignant story. One day I cared for a patient who arrived in the emergency room in full cardiac arrest. Minutes earlier he had been working on his cabin, enjoying some of the first days of his retirement. We could not save him, and when his wife arrived she turned to me and said, “Wake him up! I need to take him home. Wake him up!” It was there that I was reminded of the finality of death and the separation and sorrow it creates. Only one man experienced the suffering of death and had the power to overcome it in resurrection and victory – Jesus Christ! People need to know that power. They need to know His love and forgiveness. They need to be set free from the fear of death and start living with the joy of eternal hope! They may not be willing to address that need in a church setting, but many will consent to attend a concert filled with meaningful music.

Original Songs by Mark

Below you’ll find a sample of the original music you’ll hear at a HealingStream concert.

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