HealingStream uses the beauty and comfort of music to communicate Christianity’s unique message of hope and healing to all those who are suffering, helping them see their trials as an opportunity to experience the forgiveness and mercy of Jesus.

Mark's Story

Mark, the founder and lead musician for HealingStream, is a surgeon with 30 years of experience in caring for people of all ages and backgrounds as they go through suffering, loss, and recovery. These experiences are universal, and yet many people are unprepared to face them.  He believes our increasingly secular culture sees human suffering as evidence of a deficiency in God.  The unique message of Christianity is that God is keenly interested in our suffering, and has gone to great lengths to deliver us from fear and death. Mark has been writing and performing music in the church since he was a teenager.  He states,”I’m so excited to unite my medical and musical experiences in a concert of original music. This ministry really flows from my heart and is designed to offer God’s hope and encouragement to all those who are suffering.”